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Karen Huller, CPRW, CCTC
Adjunct Professor, Author, Speaker
"A strategic, powerful brand is your key to competing for the best jobs. Weave your brand into a compelling story, and offers will roll in."
About "The Epic DIY Branding Package"
Modules 1-4 of the Dream Job Breakthrough System, an online 12-module course that helps you master the life skill of Epic Careering, are designed to get you exponentially increase your chances of being invited to interview by employers of choice. 
Module 1: What You Want Matters Most
✓ What the consequences of being unfocused are
✓ How to choose your criteria for your next job
✓ 7 steps to ensure that your next opportunity is an alignment with your criteria
✓ How to use our custom tools to mathematically measure a company's fit

✻ Module 2: Your Powerful Brand
✓ What a brand is and why it deserves your attention and intention
✓ The most powerful questions you can answer to develop a distinct, powerful brand
✓ How you can ensure your brand is visible and searchable to your target employers
✓ A formula to turn your brand into a call to action that elicits qualified job leads 

✻ Module 3: Your Irresistible Résumé
✓  How long it should take an employer to feel compelled to call you immediately
✓  The difference between a good résumé, and a branded résumé
✓  The 7 components of an irresistible résumé
✓  How to use our custom résumé content building tools to make crafting a branded résumé fun

✻ Module 4: Your LinkedIn Profile
✓ 10 things that your profile needs in order to compel top employers to want YOU
✓  How to use the basic features of LinkedIn to generate interest and momentum
✓  How to use our custom LinkedIn content building worksheet to attract invitations and inspire introductions
✓  Why your network is more vast and powerful than you know
Sharpen your ax, and the tree will fall faster with less effort and more accuracy.   This is what a powerful brand does for your job search. 
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