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To ease your pain, take water, not medicine. We share our plan to take care of the root causes of symptoms for job search wellness >> Landing a great job fast. 
About Karen Huller

Even though Karen has been living her purpose for the past 10 years and gets to teach successful corporate professionals as well as business students how to identify and pursue the next level of career fulfillment as the CEO of Epic Careering and Adjunct Professor at Drexel University's LeBow College of Business, she KNOWS the pain of job searching.

Once she reinvented herself early in her career, changing from broadcasting to executive recruiting, she was eager to catch up financially and professionally. However, like many, her job was eventually impacted by the recession and uncertainty of the post-9/11 world.  

She knew then that coaching would be a more fulfilling future than recruiting, and was ready and willing to reinvent herself yet again, but few jobs meant little need for recruiters and minimal corporate experience meant becoming a coach would have to wait.  

For months several recruiting agencies strung her along, telling her they had a job for her once finance approved it. After 10 months, and with the advice of her former Executive Director, she reluctantly took a step back in her career. Though the company expected that she would grow quickly with it, three months later she was laid off AGAIN!  

Thankfully, this time, she knew better how to make things happen, and an improved economy certainly helped. Five weeks later, she landed a great job using her creative writing talents and education, editing and formatting résumés for an IT Recruiting firm.  

She grew quickly with them, and was in a Senior IT Recruiting role within a couple of years, but it was painful to be on that side sometimes, remembering how hard it was to hear no, and then having to say no MOST of the time. 

With the support of a coach in 2006, she started Epic Careering (then Charésumé.) Now, she can help you get the YES!

Karen Huller is a Certified Professional Résumé Writer, Certified Career Transition Consultant, Adjunct Professor, Outplacement Consultant, Social Media Trainer, Job Search Innovator, and Author of Laser-sharp Career Focus: Pinpoint Your Passion and Purpose in 30 Days.


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Karen Huller, CPRW

Career Coach, Adjunct Professor, Author, Speaker